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Lumocoin is one of the tokens that we have. lumocoin is a token based in erc20. we believe in very advanced developments and we believe this token will be able to compete with other tokens Get this token from now and you will be very rich in the future save bitcoin, litecoin, doge, in our wallet and get free lumonia tokens at any time


Bitcoin (BTC) is the first decentralised, digital currency in the world. This means that, unlike in the case of traditional banking systems or payment providers such as Paypal, there is no central authority controlling currency transactions.


Launched in 2011, Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. One of the key differences is that Litecoin mining uses far more memory than Bitcoin. This is intentional, to encourage more individuals to mine the cryptocurrency. Like Bitcoin, it is an open source cryptocurrency which enables peer-to-peer payments without a central authority.

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    Easily to get money from our program, just save cryptocurrency and you will get free money

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Our services

  • Stacking

    Stacking is one of our excellent programs, where you can get free money just by saving your crypto assets.

  • Exchange

    In Lumonia you can also exchange your assets quickly, this feature is very safe and easy.

  • Trading

    The trading feature is a very popular feature, therefore we have the ambition to make our trading features very easy.

  • Wallet

    lumonia is one of the wallet to save your digital assets very safely.

Why you should choose Lumonia?

Easy and convenient

Lumonia provides new users with the easiest and fastest access to the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, while giving experienced users full control over their portfolio.

Send digital assets to other users for free

Sending and receiving digital assets to or from other Lumonia users is not only very easy and fast, but also completely free of charge

Fast and reliable

You can buy cryptocurrency and digital assets in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to strong API-applications, high-end servers and a fully automated order system.

Invite friends, earn rewards

Our affiliate programme makes it easy to share the love. Simply invite your friends with your referral link. Each friend then needs to sign up, be verified, complete a fiat deposit of at least $50 and get reward

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lumonia is a cryptocurrency trading platform, cryptocurrency wallet, and a place to start investing

Yes, we are committed to becoming an advanced trading center in the future, all assets that you save in Lumonia will be very safe because it is supported by advanced technology and a solid team.

Stacking program is a program which we design to increase the circulation of our tokens, and all assets that you get are your respective rights, you can get our tokens for free and you can sell as long as you have to understand our rules. hope you save everything that you get and don't sell it quickly, because we believe that the lumonia token will increase in price over time.

no, you can't buy this token. You can have this token by joining the stacking program and every day you will get a lumonia token payment. you need to know, this token will in a moment enter the biggest exchange in korea, asia. we hope that with this program everyone will be a winner, and you do not worry because everything you save in lumonia we give guarantee

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